Cannabis: Uses and Effects

You have probably heard of the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant. This plant has chemicals known as cannabinoids present in its leaves and flowers that can affect our central nervous system. Below are listed some of the main uses of the cannabis:

  • Cannabis has been found to be effective for treating multiple sclerosis by alleviating its symptoms like muscle spasms, nerve pains, urge to urinate, etc. In Canada this herb has been used for treating nerve pains while in the UK, it is used for treating muscle spasms associated with MS.
  • Smoking cannabis has shown to lessen nerve pains moderately; such pain is caused by HIV amongst other causes.
  • Early research suggests that Lou-Gehrig’s disease or ALS can show improvement in symptoms like appetite, depression, spasms, etc.
  • Cannabis can cause involuntary weigh loss for very ill people while some research suggests that it can improve appetite for people diagnosed with cancers.
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  • Cannabis is often used for reducing vomiting and nausea triggered by chemotherapy in cancer treatments.
  • Smoking this herb may reduce Crohn’s disease symptoms and some patients have even become symptom-free.
  • Research shows that dementia patients can benefit from cannabis that reduces agitation and aggression in them.
  • People suffering from glaucoma or vision loss can benefit from cannabis use which lessens pressure in the eye.
  • Inhaling vaporized cannabis can lessen pains in fibromyalgia patients.
  • Early research indicates that people with migraines can enjoy some relief from smoking cannabis.
  • Parkinson’s disease symptoms like stiffness, pain, shakiness, etc can improve with cannabis use.
  • Using mouth sprays containing cannabis can improve sleep and reduce pain for patients of rheumatoid arthritis.

Effects of cannabis use:

  • If cannabis is taken orally it is dangerous, especially when consumed in large quantities or for long. Regular usage may cause cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome/CHS that triggers vomiting and nausea bouts.
  • Dependence on cannabis use may cause addiction and people can experience withdrawal symptoms on stopping. Common symptoms are shaking, nervousness, sweating, decreased appetite, depression, etc.
  • If sprayed inside the mouth, it may cause drowsiness, nausea, dizziness, paranoid thinking, etc.
  • Inhaling cannabis can be highly unsafe; vaping or smoking may lead to coughing and wheezing. E-cigarettes containing THC can cause serious injuries and smoking leads to fluctuating blood pressure, accelerated heart rate, increased appetite, impaired mental functions, etc.
  • Cannabis use can have harmful effects during pregnancy because it goes through the placenta, slowing fetus growth and increasing risks of premature birth. Cannabis use while pregnant can cause stillbirth, fetus abnormalities, childhood leukemia, etc.
  • Cannabis can accelerate heart rate and spike blood pressure.
  • Cannabis use during breast feeding can pass down the chemicals to the baby which in turn slows down his growth.
  • Bipolar disorder patients can experience worse manic symptoms when they use cannabis.
  • Cannabis use can heighten the risks of allergies towards certain vegetables and fruits.
  • Chemicals in cannabis tend to make your immune system weak; the body cannot fight infections as a result.
  • Cannabis makes it rather difficult for diabetics to control their blood glucose levels.
  • When you use cannabis frequently your chances of developing depression heightens. For those who are already depressed, it can make the symptoms worse and trigger suicidal thoughts.